About Us

finca-la-tropicanaThe Farm “La Tropicana”

Our farm ‘La Tropicana’ is located in the Axarquía, a region from the Costa del Sol in Málaga (Andalusia, Spain). It is an ideal location in Europe for cultivating the best tropical fruit due to a very special sub-tropical climate and the closeness to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Marín family, owners of ‘La Tropicana’, started growing avocado and mango trees in the 80’s. Since then, we have exclusively selected several choices of the most exotic tropical fruit growing in this privileged spot of South Europe.

Our farm is GLOBAL G.A.P-certified, ensuring our customers will get fruit that has been cultivated following the best farming practices and with respect to the environment.


From 2016 onwards we intend to start cultivating some other exotic fruit, like pitahayas, rambutans or soursops. Always with the support and assessment of the experimental tropical fruit farm La Mayora.

Some of our most exotic fruit (for example, carambolas, longans, physalis and kumquats) comes from this farm located in Algarrobo, where the best varieties of these types of fruit in the Axarquía are cultivated.

La Mayora supplies us with fruit cultivated following the same system (from the tree to your table), but it also provides us with a technical team for advise, ensuring the best quality of our products.

Quality & Taste Guarantee

Our commitment: quality and taste. We are aware we cannot demonstrate this until you taste our products. But we can describe how our system ensures the quality of our fruit.


A customer places an order conveniently at home. Then the fruit is picked the same day of the delivery at the optimum point of ripening. No warehouse, no cold storage, and no intermediaries: From the tree to your table guaranteed!

Once it leaves our farm, the box will arrive to any corner of Europe in 3 days tops. Most of our fruits should be consumed 7-10 days after picked from the tree. This means it can be left ripening a few days at home after delivery, so you can enjoy it at its best.

Tropical fruit is characterized by its tough, resistant skin. Thanks to that, it can be safely transported overland to any destination without any loss of quality, provided it is adequately packaged.

Both packaging and frucosecha-mangoit protectors from Exotic Fruit Box have been tested by experts, and they protect the product during transportation so you get it at the best state of consumption and ripening.

The taste is 100% natural, because our fruit does not ripe in cold storage nor it is picked before it is supposed to. This system allows us to ensure the quality and taste of what is considered the best tropical fruit in Europe without doubt!

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