Pomegranate Box

Box of 4 kg of pomegranates selected exclusively for you. This box includes a sample of artisanal tropical jam as a gift.


The content of this week’s Pomegranate Box contains approximately:

  • 9/10 Pomegranates approx. (depends on the size of the pieces)
  • Tasting jar of 45 g of tropical marmalade.

Treat yourself to the best pomegranates that can be taken in Europe, cultivated in a 100% natural way on our farm in La Axarquía. Buying pomegranates online was never easier: once the order was placed, we carefully selected the pomegranates and picked them at their optimum ripeness point. In less than 72 hours we send the box to your house without going through cold stores to preserve all the quality and the best flavor. Remember that the newly collected pomegranate needs around 7 days to be ready for consumption.

Learn more about the pomegranate: all the nutritional properties and benefits for the health of the pomegranate and discover with us recipes for making salads, juices, smoothies and much more.

Buy pomegranates directly from the farmer, an experience just 2 clicks!

Premium tropical fruit from the tree to you