Wonderful and healthy recipes from our cook Loleta.

Papaya flan

These papaya puddings are also very easy and healthy. You can prepare them when you have guests at home because they also have a very good presence and they will not give you trouble since they are prepared in only 5 minutes.

Chicken with loquats and soy sauce

This chicken recipe is super easy and very rich as well as healthy. It does not add any fat and the chicken is made in its own juice with the sweetness of loquats and kumquats.

Kumquats upside down cake

The upside-down cakes allow you to use the fruit in a different way when making a cake. The fruit is juicy and caramelized when cooked protected by the sponge of the cake. Then when turning them upside down, the fruit shows a brightness that makes them very yummy. You can prepare it with many types of fruit but with Kumquats it is absolutely perfect.

Avocado Bruschetta

Bruschettas are a fun and healthy way to have a light meal or dinner. We can improvise and use almost everything. Good and nice avocados will make magic on the bread and you can accompany them with your favorite ingredients.

Chocolate avocado cake

The avocado gives it an incredible creaminess and makes the cake juicy and soft inside. A delight for the palate.

Exotic Fruit Box Gin Fizz

There is always a good excuse to share a cocktail at home, and this is your recipe. A refreshing Gin Fizz with tropical fruit.

Quinoa salad

There is nothing better than a quinoa salad when you want to get back into the routine and to your ideal weight without having to die trying. A healthy salad to enjoy taking care of you.

Custard apple cheese cake

Custard apple is one of my favorite fruits. In this cake it takes advantage and it shows off its flavor. It is a cheesecake with no crust base so it is very light and delicious.

Chicken sandwich with mango chutney

The chutneys make the difference in many dishes, and although they are normally taken with Indian foods, in this case it gives a different touch to this sandwich that has for a long time been part of many of our soccer afternoons with friends.

Guava jam

Guava is one of the most appreciated fruits and is used in natural medicine. With this recipe you can enjoy it all year because the well-preserved jam lasts several months in the refrigerator.

Noodles with soy and mango

Asian cuisine is one of contrasts where the use of opposite elements like soy sauce and sugar is very popular. Take advantage of the sweet ripe mangoes together with the soy sauce to have a strong and natural contrast that will delight everyone at home.

Exotic Fruit Box Mai Tai. The cocktail for the whole family

The mai tai is one of the most famous cocktails. Its original version takes a lot of alcohol but Exotic Fruit Box have created a fresher non-alcohol version that is suitable for all audiences, so that we can enjoy it with our families, also with the youngest.

Nopals salad with mango

The nopals are typical in Mexican cuisine. They are very healthy and easy to prepare. Just keep in mind that they must be cleaned well of thorns (best done with gloves to avoid punctures), and should be al dente to make them rich and crunchy.

Granola with mango, lychees and yoghurt

Mangoes are one of the fruits with more antioxidants and vitamins. Granola with mango is a healthy and tasty recipe for your mornings. With or without lychees it will become one of your easy and complete breakfasts.

Vegan papaya sorbet

This papaya sorbet is perfect for summer time: it’s light and healthy. Plenty of antioxidant power and lots of vitamin C with an awesome flavor.

Avocado Gazpacho

There is nothing better than a cold soup to cool our meals in summer. This one is also very original: avocado gazpacho with which you will succeed at home.

Guacamole Exotic Fruit Box Edition

This guacamole will become your favorite and your friends’ from now on. The mild flavor of avocados with the crispy papaya will make your dreams come true!

Thai green papaya salad

Throughout cities in Thailand, green papaya salad is one of the staples of street food cooking and dining. It’s fresh, easy to prepare, and just tastes wonderful.

Stuffed avocados

This recipe for stuffed avocados is easy, healthy and fits for everyone. A complete recipe that will make any day a special one.

Loquat Galette with frangipane

Whether loquats are freshly picked or already ripe, the flavor of the fruit together with the almonds and the crunchy pastry, will make this one of your favorite desserts.

Creamed vegetables with papaya

This creamed vegetables with papaya soup will surprise you by its softness and delicate sweet touch. Healthy, light and with a tropical flair.

Mojito tropical

Una receta perfecta para todas las ocasiones, deliciosa y sin calorías. Con alcohol o sin él, ¡no podrás dejar de tomarlos!

Tropical Fruit Salad

This tropical fruit salad on guava and yogur cream recipe contains a good number of fruits from the trees of our farm La Tropicana.

Mousse de chirimoyas

Nunca imaginarías que unas chirimoyas pueden dar tanto juego. Su sabor inconfundible y la cremosidad de la nata hacen de este un postre fácil y ligero y rápido de preparar.

Guavas crème bruleé

This guavas crème bruleé is an easy and light dessert that will surprise your guests at home. Sweet taste of the guavas together with the crusty burnt sugar.

Kumquat Marmalade

Kumquat marmalade is a great find. A really sour fruit makes one of the best home-made jams.

Papaya and chocolate cake

A delicious papaya and chocolate cake that is also very easy. An amazing recipe to add a fresh twits on your table.

Burrito de Aguacates con Pollo

Comer estos burritos es empezar y no parar. Son ligeros y muy sanos pero a la vez muy sabrosos. Con el queso fundido resultan exquisitos y además aceptan muchas variantes. Para un picnic, para una cena informal o para aprovechar lo que quede en la nevera resultan fantásticos con aguacate porque los hace muy cremosos sin necesidad de añadir ninguna salsa.

Tartar de aguacates con vieiras

Este tartar de aguacates resulta delicioso y refrescante. Su bajo contenido en calorías y su alto contenido en proteínas y vitaminas hace que podamos tomarlo cualquier día. Cocina sana, ligera y muy sabrosa en pocos minutos y con poco esfuerzo ¿Alguien da más?

Curry pork with mango

This dish reminds full Southeast Asia: mango, pork and cilantro, three ingredients so different and yet so well together in this dish where the curry is the perfect link.